Our Customer Satisfaction Policy


In order to make customer satisfaction permanent, customer expectations are met, assessed, measured and evaluated. All employees are informed. Product development studies and improvement activities are carried out by taking the slightest dissatisfaction with the presented product seriously.

Any feedback from our customers is perceived as a gift. We use our long-standing experience and customer-focused service to transform all of our resources into "Customer Satisfaction". While positive feedback is an indication that we are moving in the right direction, the improvement recommendation is an important input to our goal of "always being one step ahead". For this reason, Baymed always encourage our customer to give feedback.

Baymed is committed to ensuring that:

  • its customers are able to easily communicate their demands and dissatisfaction and that they are assessed in an objective, fair, careful and confidential manner, in a manner that is not contrary to legal requirements and company policy,
  • the necessary remedies and controls are use to ensure that the same dissatisfaction does not ocur again,
  • All its employees have adopted a customer-focused approach and work on the principle of resolving all customer dissatisfaction.

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