Information Security Policy


Information Security Policy

Baymed believes that increasing managerial efficiency and effectiveness is crucial for its mission-vision and to achieving the company's strategic goals.

To prevent and manage all kinds of risks to our business continuity and information assets all the Baymed staff followed the principles bellow:

  • Information Security is our primary goal;
  • Reducing the damages that may be experienced due to information security by managing information security effectively,
  • To reduce the probability of experiencing information security breaches,
  • To be able to respond in a co-ordinated manner in the event of an incident,
  • To avoid interruptions that can be experienced in critical business processes,
  • To be able to work again within the targeted rescue period in case of failure,
  • To ensure that all business processes are integrated, harmonious and balanced with each other,
  • To comply with all legal legislation on information security and contracts with third parties (business partners, customers, suppliers)
  • To ensure the privacy, integrity and accessibility of information assets of our customers within the scope of Information Security Management System,
  • The preservation of our reputation and brand value to our employees, our customers, suppliers and the public,
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System to ensure continuous improvement.

we work with our full power to become a model organization that will be a pionner in terms of information security in the healthcare sector by managing our activities in the direction of integrated management together with other management systems that we apply.

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